Călin Adam Botez was born in Bucharest in 1909 and died in Bucharest in 1962. He was the son of Commandor Eugeniu C. Botez (1877-1933) and of his first wife Marioara Dumitrescu (?-1913), On 1935 he married Cecilia Storck (1915-). They had two sons Alexandru Botez and Alvaro Botez.

Călin Botez studied engineering and graduated in 1930 from the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry of the Polytechnic School of Bucharest. However, Inheriting his father's passion for the sea, after graduation he joined the Romanian military navy. During World War II he commanded three speedboats and took part in the military operations against the Soviet Union on the Black Sea. He was appointed military attache in Lisbon.

In 1949 he was arrested by the [[communist authorities and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, which he served in the penitenciaries of Jilava, Târgu Ocna, Făgăraş and Midia.

He published a book on navigation, "The sailor's Abc" (Abecedarul marinarului) and contributed with various articles to the magazine "Marea Noastră". His novel "Crossroads near the Ocean" (Răscruci la ocean), based on his experience in Lisbon was never published.

Călin Botez died of hear failuri in 1962. [1] [2] [3]

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