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Camden County was one of the original Nineteen Counties in New South Wales and is now one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It included the coastal area near Wollongong south to the Shoalhaven River, and also inland encompassing Berrima and Picton. Its western boundary was the Wollondilly River. The first settlement in the area was Camden Park, established by John Macarthur in 1806, just across the Nepean River from Cumberland County. It was the first land across the Nepean to be settled. Camden is a present day suburb of Sydney in the same area, although parts of it are in Cumberland.

Camden County is named in honour of the Second Earl and First Marquis of Camden (1759-1840).[1] The Electoral district of Western Division of Camden was one of the first electoral districts for the area, between 1856 and 1859.

In 1852 it had an area of 1,403,320 acres (5,679.03 km2) and population of 9,663.[2]

Parishes within this countyEdit

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Bangadilly Wingecarribee Shire 34°22′54″S 150°09′04″E / -34.38167, 150.15111 (Bangadilly Parish)
Banksia Wingecarribee Shire 34°18′54″S 150°39′04″E / -34.315, 150.65111 (Banksia Parish)
Bargo Wollondilly Shire 34°17′54″S 150°36′04″E / -34.29833, 150.60111 (Bargo Parish)
Belanglo Wingecarribee Shire 34°30′54″S 150°15′04″E / -34.515, 150.25111 (Belanglo Parish)
Berrima Wingecarribee Shire Parish 34°25′54″S 150°20′04″E / -34.43167, 150.33444
Bong Bong Wingecarribee Shire 34°31′54″S 150°21′04″E / -34.53167, 150.35111 (Bong Bong Parish)
Broughton City of Shoalhaven 34°43′54″S 150°42′04″E / -34.73167, 150.70111 (Broughton Parish)
Bugong City of Shoalhaven 34°46′54″S 150°28′04″E / -34.78167, 150.46778 (Bugong Parish)
Bullio Wingecarribee Shire 34°19′54″S 150°08′04″E / -34.33167, 150.13444 (Bullio Parish)
Bumballa Goulburn Mulwaree Council 34°42′54″S 150°06′04″E / -34.715, 150.10111 (Bumballa Parish)
Bunberra City of Shoalhaven 34°48′54″S 150°37′04″E / -34.815, 150.61778 (Bunberra Parish)
Bundanoon Wingecarribee Shire 34°40′54″S 150°15′04″E / -34.68167, 150.25111 (Bundanoon Parish)
Burke Wingecarribee Shire 34°27′54″S 150°35′04″E / -34.465, 150.58444 (Burke Parish)
Burragorang Wollondilly Shire 34°05′54″S 150°30′04″E / -34.09833, 150.50111 (Burragorang Parish)
Burrawang Wingecarribee Shire 34°43′54″S 150°24′04″E / -34.73167, 150.40111 (Burrawang Parish)
Calderwood City of Wollongong 34°32′54″S 150°45′04″E / -34.54833, 150.75111 (Calderwood Parish)
Cambewarra City of Shoalhaven 34°44′54″S 150°34′04″E / -34.74833, 150.56778 (Cambewarra Parish)
Camden Camden Council 34°04′54″S 150°40′04″E / -34.08167, 150.66778 (Camden Parish)
Caoura Goulburn Mulwaree Council 34°45′54″S 150°15′04″E / -34.765, 150.25111 (Caoura Parish)
Colo Wingecarribee Shire 34°22′54″S 150°32′04″E / -34.38167, 150.53444 (Colo Parish)
Coolangatta City of Shoalhaven 34°48′54″S 150°42′04″E / -34.815, 150.70111 (Coolangatta Parish)
Cordeaux City of Wollongong 34°19′54″S 150°48′04″E / -34.33167, 150.80111 (Cordeaux Parish)
Couridjah Wollondilly Shire 34°10′54″S 150°30′04″E / -34.18167, 150.50111 (Couridjah Parish)
Cumbertine Wingecarribee Shire 34°14′54″S 150°23′04″E / -34.24833, 150.38444 (Cumbertine Parish)
Dendrobium City of Wollongong 34°20′54″S 150°43′04″E / -34.34833, 150.71778 (Dendrobium Parish)
Illaroo City of Shoalhaven 34°52′54″S 150°29′04″E / -34.88167, 150.48444 (Illaroo Parish)
Jamberoo Municipality of Kiama 34°36′54″S 150°47′04″E / -34.615, 150.78444 (Jamberoo Parish)
Jellore Wingecarribee Shire 34°19′54″S 150°20′04″E / -34.33167, 150.33444 (Jellore Parish)
Joadja Wingecarribee Shire 34°20′54″S 150°17′04″E / -34.34833, 150.28444 (Joadja Parish)
Kangaloon Wingecarribee Shire 34°32′54″S 150°36′04″E / -34.54833, 150.60111 (Kangaloon Parish)
Kembla City of Wollongong 34°26′54″S 150°47′04″E / -34.44833, 150.78444 (Kembla Parish)
Kiama Municipality of Kiama 34°39′54″S 150°46′04″E / -34.665, 150.76778 (Kiama Parish)
Killawarrah Wollondilly Shire 34°11′54″S 150°26′04″E / -34.19833, 150.43444 (Killawarrah Parish)
Meryla Wingecarribee Shire 34°44′54″S 150°20′04″E / -34.74833, 150.33444 (Meryla Parish)
Mittagong Wingecarribee Shire 34°29′54″S 150°30′04″E / -34.49833, 150.50111 (ittagong Parish)
Moollattoo City of Shoalhaven 34°47′54″S 150°23′04″E / -34.79833, 150.38444 (Moollattoo Parish)
Murrimba Wingecarribee Shire 34°36′54″S 150°09′04″E / -34.615, 150.15111 (Murrimba Parish)
Nattai Wollondilly Shire 34°09′54″S 150°21′04″E / -34.165, 150.35111 (Nattai Parish)
Nundialla Wingecarribee Shire 34°31′54″S 150°08′04″E / -34.53167, 150.13444 (Nundialla Parish)
Picton Wollondilly Shire 34°06′54″S 150°35′04″E / -34.115, 150.58444 (Picton Parish)
Sutton Forest Wingecarribee Shire 34°36′54″S 150°15′04″E / -34.615, 150.25111 (Sutton Forest Parish)
Terragong Shellharbour City Council 34°35′54″S 150°50′04″E / -34.59833, 150.83444 (Terragong Parish)
Wallandoola City of Wollongong 34°16′54″S 150°45′04″E / -34.28167, 150.75111 (Wallandoola Parish)
Wallaya City of Shoalhaven 34°40′54″S 150°40′04″E / -34.68167, 150.66778 (Wallaya Parish)
Wanganderry Wingecarribee Shire 34°13′54″S 150°18′04″E / -34.23167, 150.30111 (Wanganderry Parish)
Warragamba Wollondilly Shire 33°55′54″S 150°36′04″E / -33.93167, 150.60111 (Warragamba Parish)
Weromba Wollondilly Shire 33°58′54″S 150°35′04″E / -33.98167, 150.58444 (Weromba Parish)
Werriberri Wollondilly Shire 33°59′54″S 150°30′04″E / -33.99833, 150.50111 (Werriberri Parish)
Wilton Wollondilly Shire 34°15′54″S 150°42′04″E / -34.265, 150.70111 (Wilton Parish)
Wingello Wingecarribee Shire 34°40′54″S 150°08′04″E / -34.68167, 150.13444 (Wingello Parish)
Wollongong City of Wollongong 34°30′54″S 150°51′04″E / -34.515, 150.85111 (Wollongong Parish)
Wongawilli Wingecarribee Shire 34°29′54″S 150°40′04″E / -34.49833, 150.66778 (Wongawilli Parish)
Woonona City of Wollongong 34°19′54″S 150°52′04″E / -34.33167, 150.86778 (Woonona Parish)
Yarrawa Wingecarribee Shire 34°39′54″S 150°34′04″E / -34.665, 150.56778 (Yarrawa Parish)
Yarrunga Wingecarribee Shire 34°37′54″S 150°27′04″E / -34.63167, 150.45111 (Yarrunga Parish)
Yarrunga City of Shoalhaven 34°35′54″S 150°28′04″E / -34.59833, 150.46778 (Yarrunga Parish)


  1. ^ Geographical Names Board of NSW
  2. ^ "Old Welsh Books with English Translations", The Land of Gold: the Companion for the Welsh Emigrant to Australia, 1852

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