2000px-Jämtlands fältjägarregemente vapen.svg
Minnesmonument över Jämtlands kavalleri

Jämtland regiment monument

Captain Carl Joachim Örbom I (1722-1810) was a Cavalry Captain (Ryttmästare) for the Swedish Empire. (b. March 05, 1721/1722, Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden - d. August 02, 1810, Viken, Brunflo, Jämtland, Sweden)



Anders Andersson Örbom (1720-1783) Captain of the Swedish Empire who was born in Russia, and later married Christina Ruuth; Erik Johan Örbom (1723-1802) Major of the Jämtland Regiment who married Helena Ruuth (1729-1802); Anna Catharina Örbom (1725-?); Gustaf Örbom I (1728-1730); Charlotta Örbom (1730-?); Gustaf Örbom II (1732-1807) Captain of the Swedish Army who married Sophia Lovisa Winnberg (1744-1807); Christopher Örbom (1735-1828) Captain of the Swedish Army who married E.M. Sundström (1736-?); Sara Elisabeth Örbom (1736-?); and Petrus Örbom (1738-?), Lieutenant of the Swedish Army.


He married Beata Dorothea Von Saltza (1721-1764) on July 11, 1754.



Carl Joachim Örbom I (1722-1810) was the fifth, great-granduncle of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).

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