Carl Vinson (November 19, 1883 – June 1, 1981) was a United States Congressman from Georgia and the first person to serve for more than 50 years in the United States House of Representatives. He was known as "The Father of the Two-Ocean Navy".


Vinson was the fifth of nine children born to Edward Storey Vinson (1850-1939) and Annie Adela Morris (1855-1937) and was the great-uncle of the United States Senator Sam Nunn (1938). He married April 6, 1921 Mary Green (1887-1950).


Five Generation Pedigree
Great grandparents
2nd Great grandparents
Carl M. Vinson Edward Storey Vinson (1850-1939) Ebenezer Callaway Vinson (1807-1857) John Vinson (c1771-1850) Vinson
Margaret Callaway (1778-1856) Ebenezer Callaway, Jr. (1745-1791)
Margaret Morton
Martha Crawford Dickson (1813-1894) William Dickson (1786-?) Michael Dickson, Jr. (1743-1803)
Margaret Barnett (1758-1798)
Lucinda Atwood Crawford (1793-?) John Crawford (1771-1807)
Eleanor Atwood
Annie Adela Morris (1855-1937) Henry Thomas Morris (1829-1862) Thomas Morris, Jr. (1795-1831) Thomas Morris (1765-?)
Elizabeth Griffin
Ann White (1807-?) Thomas White, Jr. (1781-1830)
Elizabeth Haynes Clark (1788-1856)
Harriet Marinda Singleton (1831-1912) Leroy Singleton (1805-1872) James Singleton (1782-1813)
Hester Medlock (1785-1825)
Leodicea Walker (1809-1844) Henry Walker
Nicey Phillips