Carmello Conti was born 1904 in Villarosa, Province of Enna, Sicily, Italy to Angelo Conti (1874-1935) and Marianna Marie LaBarbera (1882-1960) and died 1922 of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from Italy.

Carmello Conti was born in 1904 in Sicily, Italy to Angelo Conti and Marianna Marie LaBarbera. The first source of Carmello is in 1909 when he came over with mother Marianna. Carmello is listed as "Carmella Comti," a female, on the ship manifest. On June 22, 1910, just months after immigration, Angelo and Marianna Conti became the parents of Carmella Conti. One Carmella Conti born in Sicily, one born in Pennsylvania. In the 1920 census, both Carmellas are listed on the census sheet:

Carmello Conti, son, male, white, age 16, single, immigrated in 1909, born Italy.

Carmella Conti, daughter, female, white, age 10, single, born Pennsylvania.


  1. 1920 United States Federal Census, Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Footnotes (including sources)

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