Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954)

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Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954)

Married Edward Eyring (parents of 10 children including Camilla Eyring Kimball (wife LDS Church President Spencer Kimball) and Henry Eyring the physicist. Grandson, Henry B Erying has served in the First Presidency of the LDS Church since 2008.

Vital Stats Edit

Biography Edit

1920 US Census Edit

Graham County, Arizona

  • Edward C Eyring M 51y Father
  • Caroline Eyring F 45y Mother
  • Mary Eyring F 21y
  • Henry Eyring M 18y
  • Edward C Eyring M 17y
  • Catherine Eyring F 14y
  • Caroline Eyring F 12y
  • Joseph C Eyring M 9y
  • Rose Eyring F 7y
  • Emma Eyring F 35y (2nd Wife)
  • Anthony I Eyring M 14y
  • Ruth Eyring F 12y
  • Isabell Eyring F 11y
  • Maurine Eyring F 7y
  • Ethel Eyring F 5y
  • Geneveve Eyring F 3y
  • Leroy Eyring M 1y

Children of Edward Eyring and Caroline Romney Edit

  1. Camilla Eyring (1894-1987) - m. Spencer W Kimball, Apostle and 12th President of the LDS Church
  2. Mary Eyring (1898-1979) -
  3. Henry Eyring (1902-1981) - famous chemist, see biography Mormon Scientist, m. Mildred Bennion - cousin of Mervyn Bennion, captain of the US battleship West Virginia at Pearl Harbor.
  4. Edward Christian Eyring (1903-1993) - m. Evelyn Arms
  5. Leland Eyring (1904-1904) - died young
  6. Cathrine Eyring (1905-2006) - m. William Edwards
  7. Caroline Eyring (1907-1999) - m. Glen Miner
  8. Isabel Eyring (1909-1975) - m. Evan Ellsworth
  9. Joseph Clayborn Eyring (1910-1996) - m. Lavon Brunt
  10. Rose Eyring (1912-2009) - m. Grant Calder

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