Caroline Ritter
Sex: Female
Birth: 1846
Death: before 1880
New York City or New Jersey
Spouse/Partner: Charles Lindauer (1840-?) of Pennsylvania
Marriage: circa 1865
Children: George Lindauer (1867-?)
Charlotte A. Lindauer (1869-1894) Landers
Clara Louise Lindauer (1871-?)
Oskar Sorelt Lindauer (1872-?)
Edwin Charles Lindauer (1874-?)
Lindauer-Charles 187 001a

The two Charles Lindauers in the 1870 Census

1870 census Lindauer Ritter

Charles Lindauer from Pennsylvania and Caroline Ritter in the 1870 census with him as a "policy dealer"

Lindauer-Charles-F Ritter-Caroline 1870 census

Second listing of Charles Lindauer from Pennsylvania and Caroline Ritter in the 1870 census with him as a "broker"

Caroline Ritter (1846-1876) appears to have been a mistress to Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1836-1921) and had five children with him. (b. 1846; Paris, France - d. January 3, 1876; Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA).

Name variationsEdit

  • Caroline Ritter
  • Carolyn Ritter
  • Carrie Ritter


She married Charles F. Lindauer (1840) around 1865, most likely in Manhattan. He may be the same person as Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1836-1921).



There is a John Edwin Lindauer (1874-?) who was institutionalized in the Hudson County Insane Asylum in Secaucus, New Jersey under the name "John Edwin Lindauer" born 1874 with sister "Clara Lindauer". He may be a twin of Edwin Charles Lindauer (1874-?), or this may be a synonym for him. he appears to have died before 1920.


She died on January 3, 1876 in Manhattan, New York City, New York. In the 1880 United States Census her children are living with John Jacob Lindauer (1840-1888). There is a Caroline Ritter that died on January 3, 1876 in Manhattan that is the correct age.

Memories about Caroline RitterEdit

  • Natalie Jean Lindauer (1910-1996) said that Caroline Ritter was a family member, and she thought that she was the woman that emigrated from France that married the Lindauer in her family. Ann Richardson had Natalie sketch out a family tree before she died and she listed Caroline as her grandmother.

Unanswered questionsEdit

Why do these children appear in the 1880 United States Census as children of John Jacob Lindauer (1840-1888)? Did Caroline Ritter (1846-1876) die and John adopt his brother's children from a second wife? In the 1870 census John doesn't have any children listed. John, along with his sister Eloise, is living with his brother Charles' family. John must have raised the children after Caroline died.


Find her marriage certificate if it exists, it may list her husband's parents. It appears that she never married, she died under her maiden name.


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