Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex : Female
  • Born:
  • Married: 18 August 1854 in Balmain
  • Died: 24 November 1926 in Gladesville.






On marriage certificate: Charles Augustus Roffey of Parish of Balmain, bachelor married Caroline Sarah Phillips of Parish of Balmain, spinster on 18th August, 1854 at Parish of Balmain, County of Cumberland by license. Consent of Father of the said Caroline Sarah Phillips. The Minister was Th. D. White. The witnesses were Fredk. Leach of Balmain and Terence Tiernan of Balmain.

On death certificate: Caroline died at Garrabost, Great North Road Gladesville, Ryde on 24th November 1926. She was 90 years old and died of senility. Her medical attendant was A. Bultean and he last saw her on 19th November 1926. Her father was William Phillips, Carpenter and her mother was Saphire Otaway. The Informant was Thomas Roffey, son, of 62 Waratah Street Enfield. Her death was registered on 24th November 1926. She was buried on the 25th November 1926 at the Church of England Cemetery, Field of Mars, and the undertaker was Wood Coffill, Ltd. The minister was H. G. J. Howe, Church of England and the witnesses were Thomas Roffey and J. Bartlett. Caroline was born at Merryworth, Kent, England and she had been in N.S.W. for about 85 years. She was married at Balmain at about 18 years to Charles Augustus Roffey. Her children were Henry70, Charles 68, Thomas 56, Stephen 54, Florence 52, Caroline 49, 4 males and 1 female dead.


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