Caroline Smith (1820-1890)

Caroline Smith




Register Office, Portsea Island, Southhampton, England

Child listEdit

  • With First husband George Charman
Caroline Charman born 1 August 1845 Landport, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England; died 2 October 1846 St Louis, Missouri, USA buried St Louis, Missouri, USA
  • With Second husband Thomas Cottam
  1. Charles Smith Cottam (1861-1950)
  2. Mary Ann Cottam born 11 Oct 1848 St Louis Missouri, USA; died 12 Oct 1848 St Louis, Missouri, USA
  3. Emma Cottam (1850-1901)
  4. George Thomas Cottam (1852-1934)
  5. Catherine Jane Cottam (1855-1871)
  6. Thomas Punter Cottam (1857-1926)
  7. Sarah Ellen Cottam born 6 April 1863 St George Washington Utah USA; died 24 September 1863 St George Washington Utah; buried St George Utah
  8. The record indicates another girl was born about 1867 in St George

Family historyEdit



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