Casimir I of Opole (c1179-1230)

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Casimir I Piast of Opole, Duke of Racibórz, Duke of Opole, was born circa 1179 to Mieszko I Tanglefoot of Poland (c1130-1211) and Ludmilla Unknown (?-aft1210) and died 13 May 1230 of unspecified causes. He married Viola Unknown (?-1251) . Notable ancestors include Rurik (c832-879), Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Russia, Ukraine, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, the Byzantine Empire, Italy.


Offspring of Casimir I of Opole and Viola Unknown (?-1251)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mieszko II the Fat of Opole (c1220-1246)
Władysław of Opole (1225-1282) 1225 1282 Euphemia of Poznań (c1230-aft1281)

Wenzeslawa of Opole (c1227-aft1230)
Euphrosyne of Opole (c1229-1292) 1229 4 November 1292 Casimir I of Kuyavia (c1212-1267)
Mestwin II von Pommern (1220-1294)

Namesakes of Casimir I of Opole (c1179-1230)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Casimir of Kuyavia (c1279-c1347) Ziemomysł of Kuyavia (c1243-1287) Salome von Pommerellen (c1257-c1312)
Casimir I of Poland (1016-1058) Kraków Poznań Mieszko II Lambert of Poland (c990-1034) Richeza von Lothringen (c994-1063) Maria Dobroniega of Kiev (bef1012-1087)
Casimir I of Cieszyn (c1285-1358) Mieszko I of Cieszyn (c1254-1315) Euphemia of Masovia (1310-aft1373)
Casimir II the Just of Poland (1138-1194) Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138) Salomea von Berg-Schelklingen (c1099-1144) Helena of Znojmo (1145-c1204)
Casimir of Bytom (c1255-1312) Władysław of Opole (1225-1282) Euphemia of Poznań (c1230-aft1281) Helena
Casimir I of Kuyavia (c1212-1267) Konrad of Poland (c1188-1247) Agafia of Rus (c1192-c1248) Jadwiga Unknown (?-1235) + Constance of Poland (c1221-1257) + Euphrosyne of Opole (c1229-1292)
Casimir I of Opole (c1179-1230) Mieszko I Tanglefoot of Poland (c1130-1211) Ludmilla Unknown (?-aft1210) Viola Unknown (?-1251)
Casimir III the Great of Poland (1310-1370) Kowal, Poland Kraków, Poland Władysław I the Elbow-high of Poland (1261-1333) Hedwig of Poznań (1266-1339) Aldona of Lithuania (c1309-1339) + Adelaide of Hesse (1324-1371) + Christina Rokiczanka (c1330-c1375) + Hedwig of Żagań (c1350-1390) + Cudka

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