Cason Jewell Callaway (November 6, 1894 - April 12, 1961) was an American textile manufacturer, philanthropist and co-Founder of Callaway Gardens. A native of La Grange, Troup County, Georgia, he was son of textile manufacturer Fuller Earle Callaway (1870-1928) and Ida Jane Cason (1872-1936). Mr. Callaway and his wife, Virginia Hollis Hand (1900-1995) are noted for their reforestation and conservation efforts in establishing Callaway Gardens at Pine Mountain in Harris County, Georgia on land depleted from intensive farming operations. First opening on May 21, 1952 as the Ida Cason Gardens, the name was changed in 1955 to Ida Cason Callaway Gardens, and shortened to Callaway Gardens in 1962 and is today operated by the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation.


Mr. Callaway, who established himself in his father's business of textile manufacturing, served as treasurer and director of sales of the various operations owned by Callaway Mills. He also served as president of Unity Cotton Mills, Milstead Manufacturing Company, Elm City Cotton Mills, Unit Spinning Mills, Manchester Cotton Mills, Calumet Mills (LaGrange, Hogensville and Stark Plants), Truline Inc., Valway Rug Mills, and Valley Waste Mills. He also served as president of Callaway Mills from 1932 until 1938 when he retired, thereafter devoting his time and resources to agricultural conservation efforts. He serviced as a member and chairman of the board of regents of the University system of Georgia, director of United States Steel, the Shell Oil Company, Chemical Corn Exchange Bank of New York City, the Trust Company of Georgia and the Nutrition Foundation and trustee of LaGrange College.


Mr. Callaway married on April 3, 1920 Virginia Hollis Hand (1900-1995), daughter of Capt. Judson Larrabee Hand (1850-1916), a member of the Georgia General Assembly, and his second wife, Florence Mae Hollis (1877-1969), of Pelham, Mitchell County, Georgia. They were the parents of Virginia Hand Callaway (1921-1984); Cason Jewell Callaway, Jr. (1924); and United States Congressman Howard Hollis Callaway (1927). Originally buried at Hillview Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia, he was re-interred he was re-interred in the Callaway Family Mausoleum, Harris County, Georgia.

Four Generation Pedigree
Cason Jewell Callaway Fuller Earle Callaway (1870-1928) Rev. Abner Reeves Callaway (1832-1893) Rev. Enoch Callaway (1792-1859)
Martha Reeves (1796-1879)
Sarah Jane Howard (1835-1878) Robert Groves Howard (1798-1855)
Mary Brooks Glenn (1810-1840)
Ida Jane Cason (1872-1936) Alexander Toombs Cason (1845-1918) Adam Cason (1811-1888)
Jane Blackstone Montgomery (1814-1858)
Olivia Pratt Jewell (1849-1921) Daniel Ashley Jewell (1822-1896)
Mary Ann Martin Shea (1827-1895)