Catharina A.M. Rood was born 31 July 1925 in Venhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands to Jacob Rood (bef1925-) and Margaretha Reus (bef1925-) and died 15 September 1975 in Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. She married Jan Tol (1921-) 1 January 1950 .
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Offspring of Catharina A.M. Rood and Jan Tol (1921-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Nico Tol (1951-) 1951 Grootebroek, North Holland, Netherlands Ineke C. Davelaar (1950-)

Sjaak Tol (1952-1971)
Jos Tol (1953-) 1953 Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands Mannie Schuijt (?-)
Ria Hof (?-)

Frans Tol (1954-) 22 April 1954 Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands Yvonne Nordgaard (1960-)

Joop Tol (1956-) 1956 Enkhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands Edith de Jong (1963-)
Theresia M. Schep (1958-)

Marga Tol (1957-)
Annette Tol (1958-)
Karin Tol (1960-)
Petra Tol (1961-)
Cornelia Tol (1962-)
Yvonne Tol (1963-)
Afra Tol (1969-)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Klaas Tol (2001), Het Westfriese Tollenboek 1600-2000, Stichting Westfriese Families, Hoorn.

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