Catharine Miller (c1784-aft1850)
Catharine Miller
Sex: Female
Birth: circa 1784
Death: after 1850
Father: Peter Kail (1751-1816) (possible)
John Miller (c1748-1826) (possible)
? Moor (possible)
Mother: Christina Seltzer (c1752-aft1800) (possible)
Sarah Delaney (c1750-bef1840) (possible)
Siblings: Peter Kail II (?-?) (possible)
George Kail (1775-1852) (possible)
Johannes Kail (1785-?) (possible)
Catherine Kail (1785-?) (possible)
Adam Kail (1786-1853) (possible)
Gabriel Kail (1787-1850) (possible)
Sarah Ann Kail (1793-1840) (possible)
Margaret Kail (1795-?) (possible)
Abraham Kail (1797-1856) (possible)
Mary Ann Kail (1798-1858) (possible)
Elizabeth Kail (1801-?) (possible)
John Miller II (aft1778-aft1830) (possible)
Elizabeth Miller (aft1778-aft1824) (possible)
Samuel Miller (aft1779-aft1824) (possible)
Sarah Miller (aft1785-bef1824) (possible)
Mary Miller (c1791-1853) (possible)
Esther Miller (1793-1863) (possible)
Hannah Miller (c1800-aft1845) (possible)
Spouse/Partner: John Miller II (aft1778-aft1830) (suspected)
Children: Harrison Miller (1818-1894) (suspected)
Sarah Miller (1820-1906) (suspected)

This article refers to the Catharine Miller listed as a head of household in the 1840 census of Green Township, Harrison County, Ohio. She also appears as a head of household in the 1850 census of Green Township, where her birthplace is listed as Virginia and her age is listed as 66 years.


It is certain that this woman is closely related to John Miller and Sarah Delaney, as she resided on the same land as that Miller family. However, it is unclear whether Catharine was their daughter or daughter-in-law. One problem is that Catharine was born in Virginia, where it is likely that John and Sarah had all of their children in Pennsylvania. All children born after 1791 were definitely born in Pennsylvania, although Catharine was born in 1784. There is, however, evidence that the eldest son of John Miller and Sarah Delaney, i.e. John Miller II, was born in Pennsylvania in the late 1770s. If John Miller II died prior to 1840, perhaps this Catharine Miller was his wife, in which case her maiden name is unknown. There is, however, a competing theory that the wife of John Miller II was Christina Kail, who first married William Harrison and then possibly bore John Miller II a child named Harrison Miller. A final possibility is that Christina Kail is the same person as this Catharine Miller. Perhaps her full name was Catharina Christina (Kail) Miller. Another possibility is that this is the Catharine Moor who married a John Miller in Jefferson County in 1813. Further research is required to determine the true identity of this woman.

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