Catherine C. Evans (c.1739 - ?), was the wife of Thomas Evans of Fairfax county, Virginia, where she also originated. She was the mother of one child, Margaret, who later went on to marry a member of the Hamman family, called John.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Catherine was born to an unknown family around 1739, in Fairfax, Virginia.

Marriage Edit

Catherine married Thomas Evans, who also lived in Fairfax, in October, 1760, at the age of twenty-one.

Later life Edit

Catherin became the mother of the only child of the Evans family, Margaret, who married John Hamman, in 1788, at the age of forty-eight.

Death Edit

After quite a long life by the standards of the time period, Catherine died sometime after the age of forty-eight, possibly around the same time as her husband, Thomas, in 1808.

Notes Edit

  • Catherine would have lived at the time of the American Revolutionary War, although any role she may have played in the war is unknown.

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