Catherine Gartshore Cringan
CRINGAN, Catherine Gartshore (1907-1960)

Cay Cringan at a Young Age

Sex: Female
Birth: April 25, 1907
Death: March 13, 1960
Father: Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931)
Mother: Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929)
Spouse/Partner: Joseph Story Atkinson (1904-1968)
Marriage: Oct. 23, 1929


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Catherine was the last of eleven children of Alexander Thom Cringan (1860-1931) and Lillias Rennie Waugh (1861-1929). She was born in Toronto on April 25, 1907. Cay married Joseph Story Atkinson at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto on Oct. 23, 1929. She died in Toronto on March 13, 1960.

Joseph S. Atkinson (1904-1968) was the Publisher of the Toronto Daily Star [1] from to . He was the son of the Star's founder, Joseph E. Atkinson.

Premier king's congratulations edited

Text of telegram from Prime Minister Mackenzie King to Joe and Cay Atkinson on their wedding day. Prime Minister King, a Liberal, served the most years in office of any Canadian PM, 1921-26, 1926-30, and 1935-48.

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