Catherine Mattern (c1816-aft1850)

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Catherine Mattern (c1816-aft1850)
Catherine Mattern
Sex: Female
Birth: circa 1816
Death: after 1850
Father: John Mattern (c1778-aft1860)
Mother: Nancy N. Tipton (c1784-aft1820)
Siblings: Abraham Mattern (1806-1889)
John Mattern II (1808-1883)
Juliana Mattern (c1812-aft1820)
Anna Maria Mattern (c1813-aft1820)
Spouse/Partner: Jacob J. Lewis (c1821-aft1850)
Marriage: August 4, 1841
Children: Clarissa A. Mattern (c1839-bet1870&1872)
Sarah J. Lewis (c1842-aft1850)
John W. Lewis (c1845-aft1850)
Samuel C. Lewis (c1848-aft1850)
Jacob L. Lewis (c1850-?)
Nancy C. Lewis (c1854-aft1860)


Catherine was born around 1816 in Ohio to parents John Mattern (c1778-aft1820) and Nancy N. Tipton (c1784-aft1820).


On August 4, 1841, Catherine married Jacob Lewis (c1821-aft1850).

Children by Jacob LewisEdit

Jacob and Catherine had the following children together:

In addition, there was a child named Clarissa who was raised by Jacob and Catherine. Clarissa was born in 1839 or 1840, before Jacob and Catherine were married. She appears in the household of John Mattern (father of Catherine) with Catherine in the 1840 census. On Clarissa's marriage record, her name is listed as Clarissa Mattern, rather than Clarissa Lewis (as it appears in the 1850 census). This suggests that Catherine Mattern was the natural mother of Clarissa, whereas her natural father is unknown.

1850 CensusEdit

In 1850, the family resided in Archer Township, Harrison County, Ohio. The Lewis household was next to the household of Catherine's father John Mattern (c1778-aft1820) in the 1850 census.

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