Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex : Female
  • Born:
  • Married:
  • Died: 20 April 1920 at Glendale.






Catherine died on 20th April 1920 at Glendale, Neila Creek, Waugoola Shire. She was 92 years. She died of Senile decay and a fractured thigh. Her medical attendant was Hugh McLaren, registered and he last saw her on 1st April 1920. Catherines father was John Ryan, farmer and Catherine Quinlan was her mother. The informant was D. J. Hennessy, son of Neila Creek. Her death was registered in Cowra on 20th April 1920. Catherine was buried on 21st April 1920 at the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Cowra and the Undertaker was Poignand & Murray. The minister was John B. Howard, Roman Catholic and the witnesses werre W.J. Ellis and J.H. Hilder. Catherine was born in Tipperary Ireland and had been in NSWales for 75 years. She married Andrew Hennessy in Tipperary Ireland when she was 16. Her children were Margaret 65 years, John 63 years, Mary A. 55 David J. 52, Johanna 50, Sarah 48, 2 males and 5 females deceased.


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