Cecil Charles Whittle (1894-1974)

Biography Edit

Cecil Charles Whittle was born in 1894 in Edmonton, London. His parents were Sydney Charles Whittle (1862-1913), a clerk and Lois Maud Lee (1864-1951).

Cecil Charles Whittle married Winifred Margery Meadows (1899-1982) in 1921 in Hackney, Middlesex. The couple had the following children:

  • John S Whittle (born 1922) born in Hackney
  • Robert Whittle (born 1924) born in Hackney
  • Winifred S Whittle (born 1929) born in Hackney

Cecil Charles Whittle passed away in 1974 in England aged eighty. His widow Winifred passed away in London in 1982 aged eighty-three.