Chalania Alvira Van Keuren (1860-1934) aka Chalania Alvira VanKeuren (b. September 27, 1860, Mountain Dale, Sullivan County, New York, 12763, USA - d. December 29, 1934, High View, Sullivan County, New York, USA)


Daughter of Tjerck Van Keuren II and Catherine Scott.


She had the following siblings: Chester Van Keuren (c1845-?); Orren Palmer Van Keuren (1845-?); Levi Van Keuren (1848-1938) who married Mursena Freer; Orlando Chester Van Keuren (1855-?) who married Elwilda McCann; and Zibra Frank Van Keuren (1857-?) who married Amber Knox.


Chalania married Nathan Richard McDowell (1854-1925) on January 28, 1880 in Otisville, Orange County, New York.


They had the following children: Ziby Francis McDowell (1880-?) who married Angeline Josephine Millspaugh (1888-1946); William Nathan McDowell (1881-1966) who married Mary F. Benedict (1887-?) and later married Margaret (Mae) Piatt (1879-1952); Oscar Olander McDowell (1883-1965) who married Elsie Evelyn Peterson (1886-1974); Viola Catherine McDowell (1884-1960) who married Archibald Reed Page II (1876-1945); Orrin Lafayette McDowell (1887-1947) who married Victoria Hubbard (1884-1950); Olive Affoyett McDowell (1887) who died as an infant; Edward Levi McDowell (1890-1984) who married Helen E. Sarine (1896-1969); Chalania Alvira McDowell (1892-1966) who married Harry M. McBride I (1886-1959); Harry Chester McDowell (1896-c1900) who may have died as an infant; Vincent Milton McDowell (1896-1972) who married Margaret Amanda Libolt (1905-1991); Asa Auston McDowell (1899-1958) who married Merle McCarter (1903-2001); and Stanley McDowell (1906-1965) who married Jeanette McLean (1907-1987).


Chalania was buried December 31, 1934 in Westbrookville Cemetery and the Reverend John Hill officiated. Her obituary appeared in the Middletown Times Herald on December 31, 1934 and it reads as follows:

Mrs. Chalania McDowell -- Mrs. Chalania Alvira McDowell, seventy-four, widow of Nathan McDowell, died Saturday at her home in High View after an illness of several weeks. She was born September 27, 1860 in Mountaindale, a daughter of Cherick and Catherine Scott Van Keuren. Mrs. McDowell was married in Otisville. Surviving relatives are seven sons, William, Oscar, Orren, Edward, Vincent, Asa and Stanley McDowell; two daughters, Mrs. Viola Page and Mrs. Harry McBride; three brothers, Levy, Frank and Chester VanKeuren, and several grand and great grandchildren. Funeral services were held today at the Methodist Church at Westbrookville, with the Rev. John Hill officiating. Interment was in Westbrookville Cemetery.