While the approval of the use of this passage is given explicitly on the source page, as cited, we are attempting to get confirmation that the use of this material is appropriate. The following reply was received when I attempted to contact Ms Gentry. I wll continue to reach Ms. Gentry/UVA through other channels.

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From: Bill <> Subject: Chalkley's Caveat Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 09:12:25 -0400

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Good morning

I saw a discussion by you concerning the limitations of Chalkley's Chronicles, as it appear on the UVA LIbrary site

I would like to include this discussion as a caveat on a bibliographic card placed on the Genealogy Wiki. A discussion of what the Genealogy Wiki is about appears at

A temporary verbatim version of your discussion is provided at

Your discussion very clearly indicates that the information can be re- presented in full as long as "proper credit is given and no changes are made". However, I've seen something very similar to this in the past, and had a discussion with the author at that time. They were unwilling for the material to be presented in the Wiki format, and so I did not include it. I do not recall at the moment the name of the author I was originally talking to. It may conceivably have been you.

Hence, I would like to ask you for explicit approval to place this material on the genealogy Wiki.

If you approve of this usage, I will remove the "under construction" banner If you do not approve of the usage, I will remove the information, and limit the caveat to a link to the original

Thanks I appreciate your consideration of this

William M. Willis

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