Charlemagne (747-814), despite having two legal wives who bore him no children, had about 20 children. He had at least eight productive partners, two of whom were the other two definitely legal wives, and another of whom (the first of his partners) had a relationship that only some publications say was a legal marriage.

There is no doubt who some of his children (and each one's mother) were. Others, however, are controversial.

Only five of his children produced grandchildren for him, apparently, a total of 25. Louis the Pious had 10 children and 40 grandchildren, but the other four who had children each had either one or two fewer grandchildren, thus adding only 10 great-grandchildren for Charlemagne to go with the 40 from Louis.

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Medieval Lands, on its Carolingians page:
The others listed on the Project Charlemagne page

With Himiltrude () (regarded by some as legally married)Edit

Pippin the Hunchback (c769-811); no recorded children
Little disagreement about him.
Amaudru (c770); three recorded children; and later generations
Not mentioned by several researchers, including Medieval Lands. Some say she may be confused with a niece or another daughter. Medieval Lands lists a daughter (by an unnamed mistress "2") "CHROTHAIS [Rotaïde] ([784]-after 800, maybe after 814)" then refers to her as "Ruodhaidem"; but despite the name and birth date similarity that site shows her as distinct from Madelgard's daughter. See the daughters of Madelgard and Amaltrud below.
Reference to her mother on Die Genealogie der Franken und Frankreichs, noted by Wikipedia, says she later married a Count of Paris.

With wife Hildegard of Vinzgau (c758-783), married early in 771 Edit

Charles the Younger (c772-811); no recorded children
Duke of Maine; crowned King of the Franks in 800; from 806, according to Medieval Lands, he was "sovereign of Francia (Austrasia and Neustria), northern Burgundy, northern Alemannia, Thuringia, Saxony, Frisia and the Bavarian Nordgau".
Karlmann or Carloman, renamed Pippin or Pepin, King of Italy (773-810); six recorded children; and later generations
No doubt about his existence, but Medieval Lands and other sites say he was born in 777, which would have been a little easier on his mother. Christened "Pepin" and crowned King of Italy on the same day, 15 April 781.
Adelaide (c773-774) or Adelais; no recorded children, obviously
"WebCousin", citing Wikipedia, says "born whilst her parents were on campaign in Italy. She was sent back to Francia, but died before reaching Lyons".
Hruodrud or Hrothrudis or Rotrud or Rotrude (775-810); two recorded children but no grandchildren
Betrothed to Constantine, Emperor of Greece, between 781 and 787 (and called "Erythro" by Greeks). Mistress (in 800) of Rorico of Maine, son of Gauzlin and wife Adeltrudis, producing a son Louis, who died in 867.
Hludowic or Louis the Pious (778-840); ten recorded children; and later generations with far more members than from any other of Charlemagne's children
King of Aquitaine from 781; Holy Roman Emperor in 813, when he was the last surviving fully-legitimate son.
Lothair (778-c779); no recorded children, obviously
"Chlodarius" in Latin. Short-lived twin of Louis.
Bertrada or Bertha (779-823); four recorded children; and later generations Mistress, from 795, of Angilbert "the Saint", possibly later his wife, producing two sons.
Gisla or Gisela (781-808); no recorded children Medieval Lands says death was "after 800, maybe after 814".
Hildegarde (783-783); no recorded children, obviously
Medieval Lands says that she was born in March or April and died in early June and that Paulus Diaconus said in an epitaph that she lived 40 days.

With concubine Gerswinda or Gersuinda ()Edit

Adaltrude (774-); no recorded children
Little or no info, but definite mention by biographer Einhard.

With concubine Madelgard ()Edit

Ruodhaid (c775-852); no recorded children

Variants offered by various authors:

  • Ruodhaid (775-810), abbess of Faremoutiers - (Ffish); death date of 810 appears to be quite wrong if she was the abbess; maybe another illegitimate daughter with a similar name, e.g. Amaudru (above), died in 810?
  • Rothilde (-852) - Stoyan
  • Rothilde (790-852) - French Wikipedia (which says on her mother's page that she was born 784 and her parents got together about 801)
  • Rothildis or Rouhaut (784-852) - Medieval Lands, quoting only two earlier sources and saying no primary source seen records who the mother of that abbess was, but stating that the necrology of the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés proves that Rouhaut was the daughter of the king.
  • Ruothild (-852) - Genealogics AND Quebec; Genealogics cites Caroli Magni Progenies, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 , Rösch, Siegfried, Reference: 64
  • Ruothild of Faremoutiers, Abbess of Faremoutiers (-852) - Hull

Not mentioned by: Blocher; thePeerage; Ton.

With wife Fastrada (-794)Edit

Theodrada (784-); no recorded children
Hiltrude (787-); no recorded children
Possible illegitimate son Richbod (805-844) (noted below)

With concubine Amaltrud of Vienne ()Edit

Alpaida (794-); no recorded children, but see the following notes
This is one of the problematic children or names.
  • Blocher has Aupals/Alpais (a child of Charlemagne and Queen Hildegard, and therefore necessarily born earlier than 784), who married Begue/Bogo, Count of Paris, producing daughter Engeltron, who married Hunrock and produced Eberhard of Friuli (who married Gisela, daughter of Louis the Pious) and another child.
  • Quebec has Alpaide (793-852) (daughter of Louis the Pious and Theodolinde[spg?]), who married Bégon I, Count of Paris, and produced daughters in 805, 809, and 816, the last one, Landrée, marrying Donat I, Count of Melun (810-859) (son of Goslin de Melun and Adeltrude, a daughter - c790 - of Charlemagne and Queen Fastrada). (Was Donat a very young brother of the abovementioned Rorico?)
  • Ton has an Alpais b c767 but to Queen Hildegard; in other respects it is similar to the above two.

With concubine Regina (c780-)Edit

Drogo of Metz (801-855); no recorded children
Little disagreement about him.
Hugh (802-844); no recorded children
Little disagreement about him.

With concubine Ethelind ()Edit

Richbod (805-844); no recorded children
Not mentioned by Medieval Lands, but it says one writer implies that Hiltrude (787-) had an illegitimate son by that name at about that time.
Thierry or Theodoric (807-819); no recorded children
Little disagreement about him.

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