Charles Chapman (1851-1915)

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Facts about Charles Chapman (1851-1915)RDF feed
Age at death64 +
Birth blurb1851
Birth date1851 +
Birth date string1851
Birth year1,851 +
Children-g1Emily Sarah Chapman (1874-c1953) +, Eleanor Jane Chapman (1876-1958) +, William Charles Chapman (1877-1955) +, Robert Edwin Chapman (1879-c1962) +, Alfred George Chapman (1880-1951) +, Charles Herbert Chapman (1883-1973) +, Fanny May Chapman (1885-c1965) +, Herbert Victor Chapman (1887) +, Agnes Muriel Chapman (1889-c1977) +, Elsie C Chapman (1890-1893) +, Jessie Elizabeth Chapman (1893-c1960) +, Ashley S Chapman (1898) + and John W Chapman (1902) +
Children-list1Emily Sarah Chapman (1874-c1953)+Eleanor J Emily Sarah Chapman (1874-c1953)+Eleanor Jane Chapman (1876-1958)+William Charles Chapman (1877-1955)+Robert Edwin Chapman (1879-c1962)+Alfred George Chapman (1880-1951)+Charles Herbert Chapman (1883-1973)+Fanny May Chapman (1885-c1965)+Herbert Victor Chapman (1887)+Agnes Muriel Chapman (1889-c1977)+Elsie C Chapman (1890-1893)+Jessie Elizabeth Chapman (1893-c1960)+Ashley S Chapman (1898)+John W Chapman (1902) ley S Chapman (1898)+John W Chapman (1902)
ContributorsUser:Yewenyi +
Contributors-display stringYewenyi
Death blurb Bundarra, New South Wales, Australia and 18 May 1915
Death date18 May 1915 +
Death date string18 May 1915
Death day18 +
Death latitude-30.167 +
Death localityBundarra, New South Wales +
Death longitude151.067 +
Death month5 +
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Death place Bundarra, New South Wales, Australia
Death sourcesBDM Index ref for death: 7182/1915
Death year1,915 +
Given nameCharles +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withFanny Amelia Ashenden (1856-1923) +
Joined with-g1Fanny Amelia Ashenden (1856-1923) +
Long nameCharles Chapman +
Page language
Remains date9999 +
Remains localityBundarra, New South Wales +
Remains nationAustralia +
Remains nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
SexM +
Short nameCharles Chapman +
SourcesAWT: AWT: [ db: leahb, id: I31260

<new note>AWT: db: leonieprice, id: I6739

<new note>AWT: db: yewenyi, id: I23182 yewenyi&id=I23182 db: yewenyi, id: I23182]
SurnameChapman +
Wedding1 date1873 +
Wedding1 localityInverell, New South Wales +
Wedding1 nationAustralia +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Wedding1 sourcesBDM Index ref for marriage: 2731/1873
Wedding1 year1,873 +
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