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Charles Fredrick Freudenberg (1887-1942) in 1923

Charles Frederick Freudenberg (1887-1942) was the proprietor of Supply Bureau, Inc., a printing and stationery company in New York City. (b. January 29, 1887, Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA - d. July 30, 1942, 9:15 pm, 282 Willow Avenue, Lyndhurst, Bergen County, New Jersey, 07071-1831, USA)



He was born in 1887 in Hoboken, New Jersey according to his birth certificate. For the World War II draft he listed his birthday as "January 29, 1886".


Stationery clerkEdit

He was living with his parents at 22 Hopkins Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey and working as a stationery clerk at the commission office during the 1910 Census.


On May 16, 1910 he married Julia Mary Buttomer (1883-1973) in Lyndhurst and they had one child:


Lyndhurst, New JerseyEdit

From as early as 1920, to his death in 1942, Charles and Julia were living at 282 Willow Avenue in Lyndhurst, Bergen County, New Jersey.

World War IIEdit

In 1942 he filled out his draft card while he was living at 282 Willow Avenue. He said that he was unemployed because of an illness he had been ill for the past five years from his rectal cancer.


Charles Fredrick Freudenberg died in 1942 of rectal cancer, he had been diagnosed two years earlier according to his death certificate. He had been ill for at least 5 years prior to filling out his World War II draft card. He was 5' 7" and weighed 106 pounds, which gives him a body mass index of 16.6. He was underweight from his cancer.


He was buried in Flower Hill Cemetery with his parents and some of his siblings. There is no marker for his cemetery plot:


His widow and son moved to Chicago after his death.


  • Only a single labeled photograph of him is known to exist, it had been taken at the funeral of his brother, Louis.


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