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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Charles Gordon, 10th Marquess of Huntly (1792-1863)George Gordon, 9th Marquess of Huntly (1761-1853)Catherine Anne Cope (1771-1832)Elizabeth Henrietta Conyngham (1799-1839)+Maria Antoinetta Pegus (1822-1893)
Charles Gordon (1867-1949)Yass, New South WalesGrenfell, New South WalesGeorge Gordon (1835-1888)Ellen Eldridge (1835-1899)Catherine Apps (1875-1956)
Charles Gordon, 4th Earl of Aboyne (c1726-1794)St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomJohn Gordon, 3rd Earl of Aboyne (-1732)Grace Lockhart (bef1709-1738)Margaret Stewart (bef1744-1762)+Mary Douglas (c1737-1816)
Charles Gordon Sr (1730-1799)John George Gordon (c1706-c1767)Sarah Chapman (1707-1795)Mary Boswell (c1730)
Charles Gordon, 11th Marquess of Huntly (1847-1937)Charles Gordon, 10th Marquess of Huntly (1792-1863)Maria Antoinetta Pegus (1822-1893)Amy Brooks (-1920)+Charlotte Jane Isabelle Fallon (-1939)
Charles Gordon Jr (c1762-1799)Virginia, USACharles Gordon Sr (1730-1799)Mary Boswell (c1730)Mary Lenoir (c1762)
Charles George Gordon (1833-1885)Khartoum, SudanHenry William Gordon (1786-1865)Elizabeth Enderby (1792-1873)
Middle name match
 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Arthur Charles Gordon (1900-1971)Grenfell, New South Wales, AustraliaGrenfell, New South Wales, AustraliaCharles Gordon (1867-1949)Catherine Apps (1875-1956)Florence Edith Laundess (1906-1977)
Nathaniel Charles Gordon (1764-1812)Virginia, United StatesCharles Gordon Sr (1730-1799)Mary Boswell (c1730)Nancy Gordon (c1780)

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