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The parents of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Charles Phillip Ingalls (1836-1902) of Allegany County, New York Age 21 and Caroline Lake Quiner (1839-1924) of Waukesha County, Wisconsin age 17 (Ma and Pa in Wilder's childhood series) were married on February 1, 1860 in Concord, one of Jefferson county's small towns. Shortly after marriage, Charles' parents and some of his siblings purchased land in the woods in Pepin County, Wisconsin, known as the big woods. Five children were born to them: Mary Amelia, Laura Elizabeth (Wilder), Caroline Celestia (better known as Carrie), Charles Frederick (the couple's only son, who died at age 9 months in Burr Oak, Iowa and was not mentioned in any little house book) and Grace Pearl.

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