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On birth certificate: His father, Charles Augustus, was 26, a shingler and born in London. His mother, Caroline, maiden name Phillips was 23 and born in Kent, England. Their marriage was on the 18th August 1854 in St Mary's at Balmain. Children are listed as 1 boy living and 1 boy dead. The informant was Charles Augustus Roffey, father, Balmain and their were two witnesses, Mrs Killeen and Mrs Barratt. The registration was on the 31st August 1858 at Balmain.

On marriage certificate: Bridegroom - Charles Roffey, Carpenter, lived at Lismore, bachelor. Bride - Sarah Crawford, lived at Sydney, spinster. Celebrant was William F. Fraser, officiating minister, rites according to Presbyterian Church, witnessed by Albert Beaumont and Alexandrina F. Fraser. Registered at 'The Richmond at Lismore'.

On death certificate: Charles died at the State Hospital and Home at Lidcombe. He had been a carpenter. He died of a) Cerebral thrombosis and b) senility, the medical attendant was Otto N. Lucas and he last saw Charles on the day he died. Parents are listed as Charles Augustus Roffey, Jobber, and Caroline Sarah Phillips. The informant was G. Loughrey, Assistant Manager of the home. The death was registered at Granville. Charles was cremated on 8th November at Rookwood Crematorium, he was delivered there by Charles Neave employed by Motor Funerals Ltd. and the undertaker was J. T. Massey, Superintendent and the witness was O. A. Baker. Born at Balmain and married at Lismore at 24 years to Sarah Crawford. His children are listed as Ivy 59, Linda 56, Caroline 54, Harriett 48, Jean 47, William 45, Robert 42, 1 male and 1 female deceased.


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