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Date:9 Feb 1870
Location:at Liskeard, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Location:at Bigga Cemetery, Georgiana County, New South Wales, Australia

Date:19 Aug 1951
Location:at Gunnedah, Pottinger County, New South Wales, Australia
Notes: Gunnedah Hospital.

Event: Living - Bay Tree Hill
Location:at Liskeard, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Immigration: per "S.S.Iberia"
Date:1 Mar 1889
Location:at Port Phillip, Victoria
Notes: Vame via Gibralter, Bay of Naples, Port Said, Aden, Colombo, Albany, Kangaroo Island and then onto Port Jackson on 6 March 1889.

From his diary of thursday 7th March: "Watches the beauties of the natural harbour as we slowly moves in to take up our mooring in Neutral Bay, a little distance from the shore. Sydney was hidden by a small island covered with trees and with a few villas burried amongst the foliage."

partner: Annie Evangeline Bales (1873-1959)
Marriage: :
Date:30 Dec 1895
Location:at Bigga, Georgiana County, New South Wales

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wikipedia:Charles Skews Chudleigh





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