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Charles Stickler was born 13 December 1806 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom to Thomas Stickler (c1760-1838) and Jane Mealing (1766-1829) and died 10 May 1896 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. He married Eliza Jefferies (c1810-1891) 29 December 1832 in St. James' Church, Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Charles Stickler was born in Pucklechurch, England on 13 December 1806 and baptized in the St.Thomas à Becket Church, Pucklechurch, the following March.

When he was twenty five he married Eliza Jeffries from Wick & Abson, Gloucestershire at St.James Church. In 1851 Charles and Eliza and seven (of their eight) children lived at Sodbury Lane, Pucklechurch. In 1881 they were living at Westerleigh Road, Pucklechurch with their youngest son, George Stickler until George immigrated to America.

Charles was working as a 'bankman' in 1871 and later, in 1881, as a general labourer at the Parkfield Colliery (coal mines), Pucklechurch. Charles died in 1896 at the age of eighty nine and was buried 13 May 1896 at the St.Thomas à Becket Church cemetery, Pucklechurch.


Offspring of Charles Stickler and Eliza Jefferies (c1810-1891)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ann Stickler (1833-1854)
Olive Stickler (1836-?) 4 August 1836 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom William Gill (c1837-)

Robert Stickler (1838-1909) 23 December 1838 Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England) 1909 Bristol Elizabeth Rawle (c1838-?)
Georgiana Smart (c1853-1896)

Amos Stickler (1841-1912) 18 December 1841 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 10 December 1912 Butler Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, United States Isabella Edwards (1843-1924)

Gabriel Stickler (1844-1899) 9 October 1844 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 1899 Elizabeth Ann Haskins (c1846-1884)
Elizabeth Bryant (c1855-?)

Issac Mealing Stickler (1848-1910) 8 March 1848 Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 17 June 1910 Flat Bush, New York, United States Martha Ann Hill (1857-1941)

Ellen Jane Stickler (c1850-1947) 21 October 1850 Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England) 11 June 1947 Thomas Wall Stockden (1851-1884)

George Stickler (1854-?) 8 March 1854 Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England)

Namesakes of Charles Stickler (1806-1896)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Charles Stickler (1832-1891)Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England)Pucklechurch, Bristol (Pucklechurch+ Bristol+ England)James Stickler (c1793-1855)Sarah Angell (1797-1863)Sarah Everett (1834-1912)
Charles Stickler (1806-1896)Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United KingdomPucklechurch, Bristol, England, United KingdomThomas Stickler (c1760-1838)Jane Mealing (1766-1829)Eliza Jefferies (c1810-1891)
Charles Wesley Stickler (1891-1975)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesHazleton, Pennsylvania, United StatesJohn James Stickler (1863-1932)Ellen Clerke (1864-1947)Viola West (1892-1972)

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  • Records and History predominantly searched out by John Stickler of America and John Richards of Bristol.