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On marriage certificate: Married 23 April 1851 North Logan, NSW. Grooms details - member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and lived at North Logan. Brides details - member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and also lived at North Logan. The minister was James Brotherson Laughton, religion Presbyterian and lived at Carcoar. The witnesses were Alexander Tinnock & Ann Muir, of North Logan, and Marrian Sloan, of North Logan.

On death certificate: Charles died on 4 May 1900 in Orange, N.S.W. and is listed as a storekeeper. He was 87 when he died of a) Enteritis, b) Dysentry which he had for a) 2 weeks and b) 1 week. The medical attendant was W. Kelty M.B. & C.M. registered and he last saw him on 4th May 1900. His father was Henry Whiteley, wool sorter and his mother was Elizabeth Rowe. The informant was Thos. W. Curran, son in law of deceased of East Orange. The death was registered on 5th May 1900 at Orange. He was buried on 6th May 1900 in the Church of England cemetery at Orange and the undertaker was F. Ford. They didn't use a minister. The witnesses were W. H. Hale and Charles Clark. He was born in Yorkshire in England and had been in New South Wales 'about 50 years'. He had been married at Lachlan River at 33 years to Agnes Tinnock. His children were Elizabeth 47, Henry 46, May 45, Charles 44, Margaret 43, Isabella 41, William 39, Agnes 37, James 35, Ann 33, Maude 25, Janet 20 living, 2 males and 3 females deceased.

List of property and locality names in the Molong DistrictNew South Wales. Whiteley's Flat/ Belgravia Parish: Mulyan County: Wellington. Owned by Charles Whiteley from Yorkshire. He took up a selection on the old Kangaroobie run known as Wattle Flat on the Bell River. When the area required a school the residents chose the name Whiteley's Flat which was gazetted and retained until about the 1890's when it became Belgravia.


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