Eary LifeEdit

Charles Whittle was born in 1853 in Canterbury, Kent. He was a member of the Whittle family of artist's who were living there at the time. At the time of the 1881 census, Charles was recorded as an accountant.

Marriage & Children Edit

In 1878 in Faversham, Kent, Charles married Sarah Ann George. The couple had seven children, although sadly three died young:

  • Mabel Whittle (1879 - 1892)
  • Lucie Whittle (1881) (listed as a draper's clerk in 1901) m. 1907
  • Constance Whittle (1883) (listed as a grocer's clerk in 1901) m. 1915 Ernest H. Williams
  • Charles Leslie Whittle (1886 - 1888)
  • Frank Whittle (1888 - 1888)
  • Gilbert Arthur Whittle (1891) m. 1913 Florence E Brisley (had one son, Maurice Whittle in 1917)
  • Maurice Charles Whittle (1896)

Later LifeEdit

In the 1901 census, Charles was recorded as a builder's clerk. He died aged fifty-nine in 1912 in Kent.

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