Charles Wright Blackburn
(no image Known)
Sex: Male
Birth: June 5, 1859
in unknown
Death: July 27, 1942
in Screven County, Georgia
Burial: Goloid Church Cemetery,
Goloid, Screven County, Georgia
Father: William Blackburn
Mother: Mary Jane Waters
Spouse/Partner: Jane Moore
Marriage: October 26, 1882
in Screven County, Georgia

         I don't know very much about Charles W. Blackburn. He was a farmer in the Goloid community, but that is about all we know for sure. Strangely, my mother-in-law cannot recall any mention of him or his wife ever. She seemed to recall that he had a second marriage, but that would almost certainly have required a divorce from Jane as she only died 3 years before he did. She also recalled that the family interacted with some relatives (possibly step-relations) nearby, but she never felt any closeness to them.

         I can speak with much more certainty about his children. Oldest daughter Lessie married Joe Neidlinger and had two children, Norman (1910-1988) and Lucille. While my mother-in-law did not know her Aunt Lessie, she did know Lucille. They would visit when she would come down with her family from West Virginia every year.

         Charles's only son Carson managed a furniture store in Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina. He and his wife, Cleon (Rouse), had no children.

         Susie married Arthur W. Robinson and had two children. She is covered in a bit more detail on her own page.

         Florrie married Harry Jenkins and became a homemaker. She and Harry, a farmer, lived in her parents' home in the Goloid community.

         Bertie first married Lewis Moore (d. 1925) and then Willie O. Shuptrine, but had no children. She worked in a retail business in Sylvania and became adept at flower arranging while working for a florist. She lived in a large Queen Anne style house which has since been torn down. My mother-in-law retrieved a couple of the exterior brackets from this house for special keepsakes and uses them to support shelves in her home in Auburn, Alabama.

         Oddly both John William Moore sites give Charles' birth date as November 3, 1852 and death date as March 6, 1922. Very likely these originated from the same source since almost all his and his children's info is exactly the same in both places. The census and his cemetery listing both support the 1859 date, so I am inclined to take the dates from the cemetery listing as more directly proveable.


Name Birth Death
Children of Charles Wright Blackburn and Jane Moore

Clara Lessie Blackburn c. October ??, 1883
Screven County, Georgia

William Carson Blackburn c. March ??, 1885
Screven County, Georgia

Susie Floy Blackburn August 28, 1887
Screven County, Georgia
October 3, 1960
near Cooperville, Screven County, Georgia

Florrie E. Blackburn April 28, 1890
Screven County, Georgia
September 11, 1961

Bertie T. Blackburn October 23, 1892
Screven County, Georgia
February 14, 1975
Screven County, Georgia


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