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Charlotte Haggar was born 1822 in Norton, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom to William Haggar (1793-1860) and Elizabeth Chalkley (1788-1852) and died 1905 in Lambeth, Surrey, England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. She married Charles Crawley (1821-1908) 1844 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.



Charlotte Haggar was born in Norton, Hertfordshire. Her parents were William Haggar (1793-1860) and his wife Elizabeth Chalkley (1788-1852). Charlotte was christened on 7 July 1822 in Norton. She fourth of seven children. Her older siblings were Judy, George, and Frederick, and her younger siblings were William, Alfred and Mary Ann. Charlotte died aged eighty-three in the June quarter of 1905, in Lambeth, Surrey.

Marriage & Children

Charlotte married Charles Crawley in the March quarter of 1844, aged twenty-one. Her husband was Charles Crawley (1821 - 1908). The couple had two known children:

  • George Thomas Crawley (circa 1858 - after 1901)
  • Frederick H. Crawley (circa 1860 - after 1881)

George Thomas married Elizabeth Ada Wiltsher in 1884.


Offspring of Charlotte Haggar and Charles Crawley (1821-1908)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Wittocks Crawley (1856-1925) 1856 Islington, London, England, United Kingdom 1925 Lambeth, Surrey, England, United Kingdom Sarah Carroll (c1857-)

George Thomas Crawley (1858-1917)
Frederick Hagger Crawley (1860-1955) 1860 Greenwich, London, England, United Kingdom 1955 Rochford, Essex, England, United Kingdom Ellen Lambert (c1861-)

Louisa Crawley (c1864-)

1881 Census

Charlotte appeared in the 1881 census, living at 8 Farnham Royal, Lambeth, Surrey, with her husband, Charles, a carpenter, and her two sons, George, a cellar man, and Frederick, a printer. Also residing at 8 Farnham Royal was John Luttman, born circa 1851, a gas works loader, and his wife Martha Luttman, born circa 1852. Living next door at 9 Farnham Royal was James Wheal, born circa 1840, a furrier, his wife Ann born circa 1840, and their children: Annie (c.1872), William (c.1875), Jane (c.1877), Helen (circa 1879) and Rosetta (1880). Next door to the Crawley's on the other side, 7 Farnham Royal was also occupied by two families: the first, Anna Ash, born circa 1848, a milliner, and her children: Florence (c. 1874) and Fred (c.1876). The second family was Alfred Everett, born circa 1847, a carpenter, his wife Ellen, born circa 1849, and their children: Ada (c.1873), Edith (c.1875), Fred (c.1879) and Alfred (1880).

Sources and notes

Ω Birth
  • Year guessed from christening date
Facts about "Charlotte Haggar (1822-1905)"RDF feed
Age at death83 +
AncestryUnited Kingdom +
Baptism date7 July 1822 +
Baptism day7 +
Baptism month7 +
Baptism year1,822 +
Birth blurb1822
Birth countyHertfordshire +
Birth date1822 +
Birth date string1822
Birth latitude51.994 +
Birth localityNorton, Hertfordshire +
Birth longitude-0.213 +
Birth nationUnited Kingdom +
Birth nation-subdiv1England +
Birth place Norton, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Birth sourcesYear guessed from christening date
Birth year1,822 +
Children-g1William Wittocks Crawley (1856-1925) +, George Thomas Crawley (1858-1917) +, Frederick Hagger Crawley (1860-1955) + and Louisa Crawley (c1864-) +
Children-list1William Wittocks Crawley (1856-1925)+George Thomas Crawley (1858-1917)+Frederick Hagger Crawley (1860-1955)+Louisa Crawley (c1864-)
Death blurb1905
Death countySurrey +
Death date1905 +
Death date string1905
Death latitude51.49 +
Death localityLambeth +
Death longitude-0.119 +
Death nationUnited Kingdom +
Death nation-subdiv1England +
Death place Lambeth, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Death year1,905 +
Desc1William Wittocks Crawley (1856-1925) +, George Thomas Crawley (1858-1917) +, Frederick Hagger Crawley (1860-1955) + and Louisa Crawley (c1864-) +
Desc2Charles Frederick Lambert Crawley (1888-1957) +, Percy George Lambert Crawley (1890-1935) +, Cecil Henry Lambert Crawley (1893-1965) + and Ivy Katherine Lambert Crawley (1896-1985) +
FatherWilliam Haggar (1793-1860) +
Given nameCharlotte +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withCharles Crawley (1821-1908) +
Joined with-g1Charles Crawley (1821-1908) +
MotherElizabeth Chalkley (1788-1852) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexF +
Short nameCharlotte Haggar +
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameHaggar +
Wedding1 countyHertfordshire +
Wedding1 date1844 +
Wedding1 localityHitchin +
Wedding1 nationUnited Kingdom +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1England +
Wedding1 place Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Wedding1 year1,844 +

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