Charlotte Sophie Möller
(no known picture)
Sex: Female
Birth: unknown
Death: unknown
probably in Montjoie (now Monschau),
Prussia (now Germany)
Burial: unknown
Father: Levin Adolph Möller
Mother: Dorothea Justina Charlotte Flügge
Spouse/Partner: Friedrich Paul Wittichen
Marriage: 1825 in unknown

         I know very little about Charlotte. Her name is listed as the mother of Otto Wittichen and has also been found listed as the mother of Florian Carl Wittichen and Fanny Wittichen, all in Montjoie. shows several possible Charlottes, but none that could definitely be her. Her grandson was named George Moller Wittichen, and Otto's obituary claims that German architect Georg Möller was her brother, so it may actually be true. I put his parents down as hers for now. His father was descended from Norwegian clergymen and his mother was from an old Swiss noble family from the Upper Engadin District. If these really are her ancestors, it would probably serve as the origin of the tradition that the Wittichens were descended from nobility, though apparently not "von Wittichensky" as claimed.


Name Birth Death
Children of Friedrich Paul Wittichen and Charlotte Sophie Möller

Friedrich Adolph Wittichen December 16, 1826
Montjoie, Germany
before 1828?

Friedrich Adolph Wittichen April 14, 1828
Montjoie, Germany
after 1868
Brooklyn?, NY?

Friederica Louise Wittichen August 24, 1829
Montjoie, Germany
February ?
Kaiserwerth, Germany

Ferdinand Carl Wittichen April 7, 1832
Montjoie (now Monschau), Prussia (now Germany)
March 30, 1882
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Franz Emil Wittichen June 3, 1834
Montjoie (now Monschau), Prussia (now Germany)
February 2, 1886
Hildesheim, Germany

Florian Otto Wittichen June 17, 1836
Montjoie (now Monschau), Prussia (now Germany)
August 28, 1899
near Catonsville, Baltimore County, Maryland

Fanny Pauline Wittichen October 7, 1838
Montjoie (now Monschau), Prussia (now Germany)
October 30, 1878


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