Checkered Cemetery, Assyria Township, Barry County, Michigan, USA

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Checkered Cemetery, Assyria Township, Barry County, Michigan, USA



  • location: From M-66, take Huff Road West. This road will eventually become a gravel road, which will continue through a couple curves and become a paved road once again. At the point where this road becomes paved, a paved road will meet it from the North. Directly to the South of Huff Road, from where this paved road comes in from the North, will be a barely noticeable path. This path is at the East end of a private home and just to the West of a fence which forms the Western-most boundary of another private home. Take this path South, up a hill to the cemetery. Driving along this path will seem like driving through someone's backyard.
  • Sign

Grave ListEdit

Grave 1 - [illegible]

Grave 2 - Mother, Eliza[b]eth, wife of John J. White, Died Feb. 11, 18?2, Aged ?8 years, ? for the ? atten[d]

Grave 3 - ? Died Nov. 5, 1877, Aged 34 Yrs 6 Mo's & 23 D's

Grave 4 - [illegible]

Grave 5 - [illegible]

Grave 6 - [illegible]

Grave 7 - [illegible]

Grave 8 - James Earl Easey, 1947 - 1949

Grave 9 - George A. Easey, Born ?/25/1916, Died ?/13/1918, Age 1 yr. 9 mo ?

Flag of the United States.svg United States Grave 10 - John Easey, PVT US Army, Civil War, Apr. 24, 1844 - Mar. 18, 1925

Grave 11 - Cora Easey, Born Unknown, Died 11/14/1919, Age [intentionally left blank on marker]

Grave 12 -Lucy Easey, Born Unknown, Died 1911, Age [intentionally left blank on marker]

Grave 13 - Martie Easey, Born 11/14/1890, Died 12/15/1890, Age 1 month

Grave 14 - Mattie Easey, Born 1878, Died 6/1/1898, Age 20

Grave 15 - Isaac C. Randell, Died ? 25, 18 ? y'rs ?

Grave 16, two names on one marker

Grave 16a - Fanny E. Harper, 1875 - 1903
Grave 16b - Bertha May, 1899 - 1902

Grave 17 - Frank P. Romans, 1867 - 1921

Grave 18, two names on one marker, common inscription: [wives] of Geo. Brown [close-up of inscription]

Grave 18a - Sarah ?, Died Sept. 3, 1860 [always] [with a foot-marker inscribed:] S.A.B.
Grave 18b - Elizabeth ?, Died ? 1, 1861 [together] [with a foot-marker inscribed:] E.R.B.
  • There are a dozen or more graves marked only with identical, home-made concrete blocks. A few are visible in this photograph.


  • Details beyond simple text not as appears on original; comments appear in brackets: [ ]; "?" substituted for unknown letter(s)/word(s)/line(s); not all graves transcribed or photographed; grave numbers for the convenience of the transcriber and photographer only; photographs taken 10 September 2001; transcription compiled from photographs.

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