Christian Emanuel Fischer


From 1878 to 1924, Kristiania was the name used for Norway's capital, Oslo. On January 01, 1925 the name was changed from Kristiania to Oslo.


Christian was born on 27 September 1846 in Kristiania, Akershus, Norway.


Christian was the second child and first son of Maren Kirstine Kronsteen and Christian Andreas Fischer, Jr..


According to the genealogical book called, "Supplement Til Slaegten Woxen Med Cognatiske Greene Overlandslaegten i Baerum...", Christian worked as, cand. mag., fhv. officer, forretningsmand i Kristiania.


Christian married Marie Therese Blunck on 31 July 1874.


Christian and Marie had four children.

  • Ejnar Christian Blunck Fischer
  • Sverre Ludvig Fischer-Cronsteen
  • Kirstine Mathilde Fischer, her nickname was Kitty.
  • Oscar Adolf Fischer-Cronsteen

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