Christina Gustava Lisa Widegren was born on August 17, 1820 in Gotland, Sweden.


Offspring of Christina Gustava Lisa Widegren and Anders Garp (1814-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Anders Johan Alfrid Byström (1843-?) 30 May 1843 (Roma+ Gotland+ Sweden)
Emma Amalia Gustafva Byström (1845-?) 26 January 1845 Roma, Gotland, Sweden 27 February 1845 Roma, Gotland, Sweden
Anna Josephina Carolina Byström (1846-?) 12 August 1846 Roma, Gotland, Sweden
Emma Amalia Gustava Byström (1856-?) 19 March 1856 Tingstäde, Gotland, Sweden
Karl Johan Byström (1857-?) 1857 (Tingstäde+ Gotland+ Sweden) Jakobina Bernhardina Katarina Pettersson (1857-?)

Maria Charlotta Byström (1857-?) 1 December 1857 (Tingstäde+ Gotland+ Sweden)

Footnotes (including sources)

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