• Born: 20 February 1833 Marion, Marion Co., Ohio
  • Died: 1 March 1917 Salem Twp.,Allegan County, Michigan
  • Salem Township Cemetery, Burnips, Allegan Co, Michigan



Married: Francis Adam Goodman, son of Wilhelm H. Gutmann (William H. Goodman) & Mary Elizabeth Albrecht

Date: 5 March 1852 Marion, Ohio

Affidavit of Mary Slagel (military pension application #784.354): "I have known Christina Slagel, formerly Slagel, the above named claimant for fifty-nine years, or ever since she was a small girl. I lived neighbor to her and Francis Goodman, her husband, before and at the time they were married and know that neither of them were married before their marriage to each other and have lived neighbor to them ever since that time, except about eight years when they mooved (sic.) to Michigan, but eight years after they came to Mich. (sic.), I mooved (sic.) to Mich. (sic.) and lived near neighbor since and know they lived together as man and wife until the death of Francis Goodman and know that Christina Goodman has not again married. I am a sister-in-law to the claimant, having married her brother Tobias Slagel in the year 1848." (9 December 1901)

"When Francis & Christina first settled in Allegan Co, Michigan, two miles west of Bunker Hill, their home had no windows, just one door. Christina hung cloth over the door, but still couldn't sleep because of the howling and noise from all the bears, panthers, foxes, and wolves."[1]

Affidavit of Lewis R. Heasley (military pension application #759.851): "For the past five years I have lived within a mile and quarter of her present home, which is a small house and lot near Burnips Corners, it is worth about two hundred and fifty or three hundred dollars, and in my judgement (sic.) the rental value of the property would be from twenty-five to thirty dollars per year, or about ten per cent (sic.) of its cash value." (25 May 1906)


  1. Mary Ann Goodman (1852-1926), b. December 25, 1852, Marion, Ohio; d. September 27, 1926, Burnips, MI.
  2. William A. Goodman (1855-1927), b. December 17, 1855, Marion, Ohio; d. May 03, 1927, Allegan, MI.
  3. Elizabeth Goodman (1856-1939), b. November 05, 1856, Ohio; d. 1939, Otsego, Allegan Co., MI.
  4. David J. Goodman (1858), b. November 25, 1858, Allegan, MI.
  5. Loretta Goodman (1861), b. January 13, 1861, Allegan, MI; m. NAHUM SNOOK.
  6. Caroline S. Goodman (1863), b. March 14, 1863.
  7. Joseph W. Goodman (1866-1906), b. April 11, 1866, Allegan, MI; d. September 19, 1906.
  8. Catherine Goodman (1868-1958), b. April 04, 1868, Salem Twp., Allegan Co, Michigan; d. December 05, 1958, Burnips, Allegan Co., Michigan.
  9. Margaret E. Goodman (1870-1960), b. September 30, 1870, Burnips, Allegan Co., Michigan; d. 1960.
  10. Francis A. Goodman (1873-1890), b. November 30, 1873, Allegan Co., Michigan; d. 1890.
  11. Savilla Louisa Goodman (1875-1958), b. January 27, 1875, Allegan, MI; d. May 31, 1958, Allegan, MI.

Notes and referencesEdit

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