The identification of most of the sources cited needs to be expanded so that the interested reader can identify the specific source used (e.g., not just "marriage records of XYZ County", but "Volume C, p. 43 of the marriage records of XYZ County", etc. For a Bible Record information about the current and past owners is needed, including the specific chain of ownershp.

More specific data is needed for the following:

U.S. Census records;
Land Records – Maury and Marshall Counties, Tennessee;
Land Records – Iredell County North Carolina;
Marriage Records - First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Marriage Records - Rowan County, North Carolina;
Marriage Records – Iredell County, North Carolina;
Bible Record of James Houston and Patience Bills.

In addition, the reference to Enfield should cite the specific pages. A bibliographic citation given has been added to the list of references. Bill 19:23, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

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