Christopher Norman John Shepherd
Sex: Male
Birth: 30 September 1989
Father: David Shepherd
Mother: Isobel (Bews) Shepherd

Christopher Norman John Shepherd was born in September 30th 1989 in Aberdeen. He has lived in Ellon, Pitmeddon and Oldmeldrum. His middle names are after his Grandads which was given by his dad who used the phrase "If Im curse with having 2 middle names then my children will as well" When he was about 3 he took a cuvulsion. He went to Oldmeldrum Primary and Inverurie and Oldmeldrum Academy where he was harassed by Neds. Chris has played many instruments but his personal best is bass. He has played for bands such as broken mindz, Paracytes, Blackshock Overload and Midnight Lightening. He has written Neds are Gay which because he didnt know the words to holiday by Green Day. Also he has written Lies which is about his ex girlfriend and betrayal. His latest is Nothing on me which is about a night he spent in aberdeen. Chris has also worked as a fence painter, odd job guy and Tesco. he is also working in Zavvi and has dreams for working in Original fm. Chris right now is in a relationship.