Chuen Yuklai (1930-)
Chuen Yuklai
Chuen Yuklai
Sex: Female
Birth: November 5, 1930 in Ban Grong Greng,
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Death: April, 2010
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Father: Chiang ?
Mother: Gong Yuklai (?-?)
Siblings: none (only child)
Spouse/Partner: Soem Ruasamran (c1931-1980)
Marriage: before 1951 in Nakhon Pa Mak,
Phitsanulok, Thailand
Children: Sak Ruasamran (c1951-)
Song Ruasamran (c1953-)
Chonticha Ruasamran (c1955-)
Wihan Ruasamran (c1958-)
Wichit Ruasamran (c1960-)
Wichian Ruasamran (c1963-)
Bunchoet Ruasamran (c1965-)
Bunchob Ruasamran (c1968-)
Bunchu Ruasamran (c1972-)
Nam Ruasamran (1974-1974)
Phitsanu Ruasamran (1974-)


Chuen was born November 5, 1930. She was given the surname of her mother.


Chuen is an only child.


Chuen married Soem Ruasamran (c1931-1980) prior to 1951 in Nakhon Pa Mak, Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Move to Ban Dong PhayomEdit

Chuen and Soem moved from Ban Grong Greng to nearby Ban Dong Phayom around the year 1954.[1] At that time, Ban Dong Phayom was a small uncleared jungle settlement.[1] Soem cleared the land where the Ruasamran home and farm presently lie to make a rice farm.[1]

Children by Soem RuasamranEdit

Chuen and Soem had the following children together:[2]


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  2. ^ Written recollection of Thidawan Borland (November 6, 2007)


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