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Clara Ida Noe

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Clara is the daughter of Ludwig Noe (1859-1904) and Eva Fickeisen (1857-1950).




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Clara grew up on a farm near Lubeck, WV. Life was a challenge for the family. One of her older sisters died at four. The sister's twin, Ella, left home to get married when Clara was 13. The next year, her father died. She and her mother, Eva, then went back to the Fickeisen homestead on Pleasant Ridge in Washington County, Ohio to live for the next five years, Clara's teens.


Clara worked at the A. L. Savage Tobacco Company in Marietta rolling cigars, and Eva worked for a time at Pape's Grocery Store in Norwood (in Marietta). During the depression (1929-1935) Clara, mother, Eve, and daughter, Lorene, made ends meet by cleaning, cooking, and canning for others.

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Clara and Frank were married in Marietta, Ohio on 6 November 1912. Frank was a teamster and also worked for the safe cabinet company. Ill health, gambling and drinking plagued Frank, much beloved by his daughter, and he died when she was only seven. Clara then lived with her mother and daughter, they were a team. When Lorene married Fernand Andris in 1937, Clara lived out her days as grandmother to their three children.

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Clara loved to play cards, seven up and rummy when younger, and later canasta. She and daughter Lorene would play into the wee hours of the night with relatives, friends or the kids of the household.

Spiritual lifeEdit

Though her church attendance was spotty, Clara was a committed protestant, from her lutheran evangelical background.





  • Conversations and interviews with Ella Lorene Sullivan Andris, her daughter
  • Conversations with her by the author, her grandson.

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