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Clarence E Archambo
Sex: Male
Birth: 1876 in New York
Death: 10 July 1943 in Syracuse, New York
Father: Augustus James Archambeaux (Archambo)
Mother: Caroline Pratt (1833-1920)
Spouse/Partner: May Theresa Doyle
Marriage: 3 July 1896


Name Birth Death
Children of Clarence E Archambo and May Theresa Doyle

Arnes Eugene Archambo (1911-1969) 31 Dec 1911
New York
3 Mar 1969

James Peter Archambo 1904
New york
7 December 1935
New York

Augustus Erwin Archambo 30 June 1909
New york
25 March 1969
Weedsport,New York

Frances Louise Archambo 1915
New york
27 March 2005
Oswego,New York

Sergeant Albert L Archambo 14 August 1916
New york
June 1977

Leon Clarence Archambo 9 March 1913
New york
22 June 1991
Syracuse,New York

Edna May Archambo 9 June 1900
Madrid, New York
23 August 1978
Syracuse, N.Y.

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