Maiden Name: Claudia Elizabeth Wallace

Adopted Name: Claudia Elizabeth Colson

Nickname: Claudie

Nickname: Claudie Beth

Born: 29 June 1945 St. Joseph's Hospital, La Grande, Union County, Oregon Died: 22 April 1997 175 Canemah Court, Oregon City, Clackamas County, Oregon Cremated: 25 April 1997 Ashes Interred: Partially 1 July 1997 Colton, Clackamas County, Oregon Ashes Kept: By family

Father: Carroll Romaine Wallace Mother: Miss Byer

Sister: Miss Wallace Sister: Miss Wallace

Half-Sister: Miss Colson Half-Brother: Mr. Wallace Half-Brother: Mr. Wallace

Spouse (1): Mr. Kyllo

Child by Spouse (1): Mr. Kyllo Child by Spouse (1): Mr. Kyllo Child by Spouse (1): Mr. Kyllo

Spouse (2): Mr. Kemp

Child by Spouse (2): Mr. Kemp Child by Spouse (2): Miss Kemp

Spouse (3): Mr. Hassanzadeh

Spouse (4): Mr. Augustinovich

Spouse (5): Mr. Haselton

Spouse (6): Mr. Falkowitz

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