Witt Nichols Lindsey, my paternal grandmother, was born apparently in Clay Co, AL on either April 1 or April 11, 1888. At some point when she was young (I believe 4) her parents were killed in a horse and buggy accident at which point she was legally adopted and went to live with a family named Thomas Douglas and Clista Annette (or Antinette) Cook Nichols, formerly of Clay Co., AL, but later of Thacker Creek (Blount Co.,) AL. My many aunts, uncles and cousins and I neglected to ask enough info of my grandmother before her death in 1972 and therefore have no knowledge of her birth name. We believe Witt was the choice of her adopted parents as she told me that she was named that because her "mamma" thought she was a funny little girl. It appears she had an older brother, but we don't know his name or if he, too, may have been adopted by the Nichols couple. We would appreciate any light that can be shed on this inquiry--either original family name of Witt and any knowledge about her brother or other natural siblings, if there were such. Witt married James Wm. Lindsey also of Thacker Creek, AL in Dec. '06 in Blount Co., AL. They went on to have nine children who lived to adulthood, some to old ages. A tenth child died as an infant in a fire.


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