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Clive Thomas Balgowan was born 25 May 1925 in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia to Wilfred Watson Balgowan (1897-1970) and Myrtle Baker (1897-1944) and died 5 May 1926 in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from Australia, the United Kingdom.

Sources and notes

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¶ Death
  • BDM Index ref for death: 9813/1926



Facts about "Clive Thomas Balgowan (1925-1926)"RDF feed
Age at death1 +
AncestryAustralia + and United Kingdom +
Birth blurb25 May 1925
Birth date25 May 1925 +
Birth date string25 May 1925
Birth day25 +
Birth latitude
Birth localityBathurst, New South Wales +
Birth longitude
Birth month5 +
Birth nationAustralia +
Birth nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Birth place Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Birth year1,925 +
ContributorsUser:Yewenyi +
Contributors-display stringYewenyi
Death blurb5 May 1926
Death date5 May 1926 +
Death date string5 May 1926
Death day5 +
Death latitude
Death localityBathurst, New South Wales +
Death longitude
Death month5 +
Death nationAustralia +
Death nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Death place Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Death sourcesBDM Index ref for death: 9813/1926
Death year1,926 +
FatherWilfred Watson Balgowan (1897-1970) +
Given nameClive +
Joined with
Long nameClive Thomas Balgowan +
Middle nameThomas +
MotherMyrtle Baker (1897-1944) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
Remains date9999 +
Remains localityBathurst, New South Wales +
Remains nationAustralia +
Remains nation-subdiv1New South Wales +
Remains place Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
SexM +
Short nameClive Thomas Balgowan +
Sourcesjan balgowan balgowan family file

<new notjan balgowan balgowan family file <new note>AWT: db: monaropioneers, id: I22849

<new note>AWT: db: yewenyi, id: I6001b=yewenyi&id=I6001 db: yewenyi, id: I6001]
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameBalgowan +

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