Clodomir IV der Franken was born after 107 to Marcomir IV der Franken (aft91-149) and Athildus of Britain and died 166 of unspecified causes.

Clodomir IV der FRANKEN

Geboren na 107 : Gestorven in 166

Koning van de Franken (148)

Ouders Marcomir IV der FRANKEN 91/-149 en Athildus of BRITAIN †

Gehuwd in 121 met Hasilda van RUGIJ ca 106,

Farabert der FRANKEN ca 122-186

Nicanor der FRANKEN ca 124

Roricus der FRANKEN ca 126


Offspring of Clodomir IV der Franken and Hasilda van Rugij ca 106
Name Birth Death Joined with
Farabert der Franken (c122-186) 122 186


Footnotes (including sources)

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