Conrad Countryman
Sex: M
Birth: ~1734, probably in the Windecker Patent, Canajoharie, Tryon Co., NY
Father: George Conrad Countryman (Conrad Countryman the 1st)
Mother: Maria Margareth Haberman
Spouse/Partner: Maria Elisabeth ?
Marriage: ~1755 Canajoharie, NY

Conrad Countryman II was likely born on the Windecker Patent, which was 2000 acres granted to Johann Hartman Windecker, Caspar Lipe, and Conrad Countryman I in 1731. Conrad II married Maria Elisabeth ?, last name not determined at this time, but she was likely born in that same area around 1735 (judging by the birth years of their children).

The children of Conrad II and Maria Elisabeth Countryman are:

  • Antonius / Antonio Countryman b. ~1755
  • Conrad Countryman III b.~1761; m. Catherine Miller
  • Frederick Countryman b.~1763; m. Appolonia Huss
  • John / Johann Adam "Adam Friederich" Countryman b.~1765; m. Maria
  • Gertrude Catrin? Countryman b.~1773; m. Johann/ John Gartener/Gardner 1793 Ft. Plain, NY
  • Catherine Dorothea? Countryman m. Johann Heinrich Gardner
  • Henry / Heinrich Countryman b. ~1775; m. Sally Conklin
  • Anna Countryman m. Jean Dekier


Name Birth Death

Catherine Dorothea?

Gertrude Catrin? ~1773

Antonius / Antonio ~1755