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"Coonrod" Messerly mentioned as a soldier during Revolutionary war (Pennsylvania Regiment of Rifle)

Conrad Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: 1750 Pennsylvania[1]
Death: possibly August 27, 1776

Conrad Messerly

Also spelled Conrod, Coonrod, Meserly, Messerley.

Soldier in the Revolutionary war. Mustered in on May 11, 1776. Possibly killed in action during the Battle of Long Island. Served in the "The Pennsylvania Regiment of Rifle" (possibly 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment[2]) in the company commanded by Capt. Lewis Farmer (later promoted to Major). Missing after the Battle of Long Island New York, as recorded in the muster taken from Sept 1, to October 1, 1776. The pictured documents lists members in Conrad's company.

The battle was a heavy defeat for the Continental Army and in particular Conrad's unit. All lieutenants, half the sergeants are reported as missing after the battle (no reports of killed- presumably the practice was not to delare dead. The captain of the unit was seriously wounded and unable to continue command of the regiment. Since all those on the muster noted as missing are at the same date, August 27, 1776, and because the Army was forced to retreat rapidly leaving the dead and injued, it is much more likely it was injured possibly fatally due to this battle. [3]

Conrad's pay was "6 and 2/3 dollars per month", and was to provide his arms and clothing.

Search for the familyEdit

Only Messerly's known in Pennsylvania who could have been fathers are Daniel Messerly (c1717) and Jacob Messerle, who both appeared in 1749 in the Pennsylvania census.

Research projectsEdit

  • Possibly examine the dates of other fellows who mustered in on the same day as Conrad.
  • Research the battle on August 27, 1776


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  2. ^ 2nd Regiment is assumed because searches on Lewis Farmer and Pennsylvania Regiment turn up only mentions of the 2nd. However, the WP article does not mention participation in the Battle of Long Island.
  3. ^ Many mentions in the muster rolls, see especially page 417 & page 432. Pennsylvania Archives Fifth series vol.2. Edited by Thomas Montgomery. Under the direction of Pennsylvania Secretary of the commonwealth, Pennsylvania State Library, Pennsylvania General assembly, Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Instruction online copy of entire book downloaded as pdf

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