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Please note that, although it is well laid out, the above chart:

  1. Has at least one prominent spelling error (because "decedent" is a deceased person, whereas the writer must have meant to say "descendant" at that point)
  2. Differs from the Concise Oxford Dictionary in a number of other respects. The dictionary reserves "grand" for the direct line of ancestors or descendants (grandad, grandam, grandchild, grandchildren, granddad, granddaughter, etc), using only "great" for the collaterals (great-aunt, great-nephew, great-niece, great-uncle) and does not capitalize any; e.g. specifying "second cousin once removed". By analogy, higher levels would be better to use hyphens, such as "great-great-grandparents".

To avoid confusing numbers of "great", we usually reduce chains of them to numbers, e.g. "3-great-grandparents".

Chart TwoEdit


Consanguinity Chart

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