Cost Cemetery, Fairborn, OH

When I decided to finally go to my great great grand-fathers cemetery I figured I would just go there, pay my respects, and leave in the same condition as getting there. This was not the case. First, we heard how to get there but couldn't find it because we went through the woods. It was not well lit like most cemeteries so we were having trouble seeing it. We finally broke through into the field where the cemetery was. It was nothing like I had imagined, it was enclosed by trees and was very creepy. We then saw the big gravestone in the middle, which turned out to have about half my ancestors names on it. Right when we got into the actual cemetery, I saw a large black man-shaped shadow in the middle of the field. The figure then walked about 10 yards and disappeared behind the large head-stone. I could not move, shocked of what I had just seen, just standing and staring. After roughly 30 seconds I could finally move enough to go investigate and sure enough, nothing was there. We then saw the scary little head-stones in a circle and nothing else in that big open field. It is a small cemetery and well hidden, but is one of the scariest places I've ever seen. Although it is hard to believe, I'm positive I saw a ghost there and a scary one at that. I will not be going back to my great great grandpas cemetery the rest of my life and I would hate to live in those apartments by the cemetery.

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